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Terms and Conditions - Terms & Conditions

The visitors are cautioned to read all the terms and conditions under which they can access the portal and only visitors agreeing for these terms may place their advertisement as they would be subjecting themselves to the following terms and conditions for placing the advertisements and for availing any services that may be offered by and/or its partners/ affiliates/ advertisers/ franchisees/ agents/ agencies etc. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY OF THESE TERMS, YOU ARE ADVISED NOT TO FURTHER ACCESS THE SITE OR REGISTER FOR MEMBERSHIP.

This is a legal agreement ("Agreement") between the visitor/advertiser and Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited, a Company incorporated in A P, India, under Companies Act 1956, having its registered office at Eenadu Complex, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, AP, India, hereinafter referred to as UEPL, the owner, /operator of the portal, hereinafter referred jointly and severally as portal.

1.      Access to the site cannot be had unless and until these terms and conditions are read and consented to.

2.      Individuals who are competent to contract alone are eligible to enter into an agreement with Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited., operator of the portal

3.      Ownership: The portal is owned and operated by Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited a Company in Ramoji Group. The Company hereby reserves the right to change or discontinue any service, feature, offer, gift, contest, design, layout, content, platform, equipment, systems, program, software.

4.      DUTIES AND LIABILITIES OF VISITORS AND ADVERTISERS: The advertisers shall furnish truthful, authentic, relevant, valid, current, fair information for publication. The advertisers shall provide proof as may be required by UEPL to substantiate the information furnished. UEPL shall not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate, false, excessive, outdated, irrelevant, information published/displayed at the instance of an advertiser.

5.      ERRORS AND DISCREPANCIES: While UEPL takes every care and caution to make the publication free of errors and discrepancies, it is possible for some mistakes to creep into the publication by inadvertence, oversight, human error, innocence and honest belief in the information in good faith. UEPL is not liable in respect of innocent dissemination of such information.

6.      The advertisers should not issue any advertisement containing any defamatory, offensive, excessive, exaggerated, false, malafide, inaccurate, erroneous, blasphemous, obscene, profane, pirated, offensive, salacious, ghastly, indecent, racial or illegal material.

7.      Intellectual property rights: The advertiser shall ensure that there in no violation of intellectual property rights like Trademarks, copyright in artistic works, photographs, creatives, graphics, layout, design, text, video, audio etc.

8.      The members/visitors shall be solely responsible and liable for all the consequences arising out of any infringement of copyrights, proprietary rights and intellectual property rights or including but not limited to damages, attorney fees and expenses.

9.      While every endeavor is made to make the portal free of any bugs, errors, viruses, failures, delay in transmission etc. UEPL does not guarantee that the site or any of the services offered would be free of bugs, errors, viruses, failures and UEPL does not accept any responsibility or liability for any such bugs, errors, viruses, failures delay in transmission etc in the site.

10. UEPL reserves the right to make such additions, alterations, modifications, insertions, improvements, decorations for the betterment and quality enhancement of the material displayed on the site. The members shall also agree for such modifications to the material for compatibility with the technological advancement and shall, without demur, agree for any changes that may be required to be made at the discretion of UEPL and also provide such information or material that may be required for updation or up gradation of the site in view of any technological advancement.

11. UEPL does not give any warranty whatsoever either express or implied, for any advertisement material displayed on the site as to the quality, quantity, utility, originality, genuineness, legality, punctuality of any goods or services offered by UEPL or its agents, business affiliates, associates, agencies, franchisees etc. UEPL also does not give any warranty whatsoever either express or implied, of any disruption, interruption, breakdown of the site or services offered by UEPL or its agents, business affiliates, associates, agencies, franchisees etc.

12. UEPL is not liable for any damages to any members or visitors or user or third parties for any injury or damage or hardship that they might have been sustained by them on account of any error, failure, discrepancy, defect, shortfall, mis-description; any bugs, errors, viruses, failures, delay in transmission etc., in the site; any defamatory, offensive, excessive, exaggerated, false, malafide, inaccurate, erroneous, blasphemous, obscene, profane, pirated, offensive, salacious, ghastly, indecent, racial or illegal material on the site. The members/visitors/users of the site specifically agree to this and discharge UEPL from any liability whatsoever for the said acts.

13. UEPL or its staff or Directors shall not be liable for any of the claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses that any one has sustained in any manner whatsoever or likely to sustain in any manner whatsoever by the publication/display of any advertisement

14. UEPL, their staff and directors shall be indemnified by the advertiser for the costs and consequences, including but not limited to reasonable advocates fees and all expenses at actuals for defending themselves in any litigation that may arise out of publication or display of the advertisement inserted by the advertiser.


1.      The advertisement is issued by the advertiser, subject to the terms and conditions applicable at the time of publication of the advertisement. Where there is any conflict between the terms in respect of the publication of advertisements mentioned herein and the terms and conditions that are circulated and/or mentioned on the reverse side of the Casual Insertion Order (CIO), the terms mentioned in CIO shall prevail. The advertiser is therefore advised to peruse the terms on the CIO or enquire the marketing staff for the current set of terms and conditions governing the publication of advertisements.

Advertisement matter received in Telugu will be published in Telugu Only.   Matter received in English will be published in English only unless asked to be translated and published in Telugu. While due care will be taken in translating matter received in English to Telugu, no responsibility will be undertaken for any possible change of meaning in the translated text. Proper nouns and Technical words will be translated to the nearest meaning. Any additional charges that may be paid owing to the increase of number lines due to translation shall be borne by the advertiser. The advertiser shall respond to the mail sent by UEPL for payment of such additional tariff, within time, failing which the advertisement shall be deemed to have been cancelled and the amount paid shall be forfeited.
Every advertiser must provide his or her full name and address at the time of placing the order even if the address is not to be published.

2.      The charges for all advertisements have to be paid in advance.

3.      Clients are requested to collect Box No. letters at the place of publication. Responses received for Box No. advertisement will be delivered only on production of booking confirmation along with id proof Box No. services will be open for 15 days only from the date of publication..

4.      In case of advertisements released for multiple editions, every effort will be made to publish the advertisements in all editions. In case of non-publication in some editions, such advertisements will be published on the next available date and the advertiser will not be entitled to any other claim whatsoever.

5.      No liability will be accepted for any loss or damage caused by error or inaccuracy in printing, or omission to insert any advertisement, or for any damage or loss of any material supplied for the purpose of advertising. Material supplied should be collected within 15 days of publication of the advertisement. No cognizance will be taken of complaints received after 15 days. After verification of such complaints a suitable corrigendum will be published if found justified. No claim will be entertained for repeating the advertisement.

6.      UEPL reserves the right to place the advertisements in any page of any of its sections.

7.  UEPL reserves the right to decline publication of any advertisement including a copy/illustrations which in their opinion would disfigure or damage the reputation of the paper or prejudice other advertisements.   UEPL also reserves the right to refuse or suspend publication of an advertisement at any stage and under any conditions without assigning reasons.

8. UEPL reserves the right to increase the size of any advertisement, if felt necessary, to maintain column height. Such increased space charges are to be paid by the advertiser/agency.

9.  Due care will be taken to ensure good reproduction. However, no claim will be entertained for faulty printing due to defective material supplied or due to circumstances beyond our control.

10. The advertisements will be billed at the rate prevailing on the date of publication.

11. Placing of an order for the insertion of an advertisement shall amount to an acceptance of the above conditions and no separate acceptance of these conditions is necessary.

12. Artwork made by us is our property. Use of our artwork in other publications or any other medium is strictly prohibited.

Only Courts at Hyderabad shall have jurisdiction in case of any dispute or any legal proceedings.

Any breach or omission on the part of UEPL in enforcing any of the terms and conditions under which an advertisement is accepted will not constitute any waiver or estoppel on the part of the UEPL so as to preclude or prevent UEPL from enforcing any of the terms and conditions against the advertiser.



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